• Anna Niemiec

    Anna Niemiec is not only a biologist by education but also a passionate photographer. Her journey into the world of photography began in 2010, quickly transforming from a hobby into a true passion. She captures the city she has called home since birth, with a


  • Rene Holm

    Rene Holm is a visual artist, who originates from Denmark, like other celebrated artists such as Vibeke Johannessen, Kehnet Nielsen, Lise Kaltoft, De Las Heras, and Anne Langgaard Rene Holm’s work is grounded in figuration. Figurative art can simply be understood as art that involves


  • Mia Butter

    Mia Butter (b. 2001) is a Canadian-German artist currently residing in Berlin, who has exhibited internationally in Japan and Germany. She is set to graduate from the Zürich Hochschule der Künste in 2024. In her work, Mia refashions product logos and popular culture items in


  • Karolina Dryps

    Her paintings are ultimately not clear-cut while maintaining a sense of openness and mystery. Brush strokes balance between signaling some kind of spirit or cosmic landscape and dissolution into abstraction. She gives the painted sign autonomy, which makes it seem that it takes on a


  • Kamil Kuskowski

    The series of monochromes in various sizes depicting crude and commonplace insults hurled by the viewers at a piece on display addresses the subject of a complex relation between the artist, their work and its re-ception by the audience.   Works presented at Individual exhibitions:


  • Kacper Zieliński

    He graduated from the Art Secondary School in Gryfice, specializing in visual advertising. Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the Academy of Art in Szczecin in the studio of prof. Lex Drewiński. He obtained his master’s degree in art in the studio of prof. Lex


  • Jan Pietruszkiewicz

    Janek is a student at the Academy of Art, in the third year of graphic design. He likes creative thinking, extensive projects and taking up new challenges that he can implement in an interesting way. Apart from the things closely related to the studios where


  • Hanna Wysocka

    She graduated the Art High School in Szczecin, the Visual Advertising profile. Bachelor and Master degree with the highest grade in the Intaglio Class led by Ph.D. Ewa Czerwinska – Romanowska at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland. Laureate of many scholarships: Artistic Scholarship


  • Grześ Piaseczny

    Grześ Piaseczny is a Polish artist /designer. He graduated with a Fine Art degree in Szczecin (Poland) where his studio is based. Piaseczny’s work is a private collection of impressions related to experience of living in present times. To achieve the desired effect, he utilizes


“Stop thinking about art works as objects and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences”

-Brian Eno


Art Metasy – Welcome to a community where every color determines a direction

Art Metasy is a project in which the world of traditional art will enter the digital realm before your very eyes, without limits and without boundaries, in the company of modern artists. Art Metasy is an opportunity for artists at the beginning of their careers, as well as those more experienced to stake a claim in the digital world. The bridge in this journey is blockchain technology, where by digitizing artists’ works, we open up endless digital possibilities.

With Metasy you will find new recipients of your art, because the cryptocurrency market, to which you will gain access, is the equivalent of the traditional market, which we used to visit in our free time – to choose fresh, reliable and proven products.

Now it is time to move to the metaverse. In Art Metasy you can view these works over and over again, enjoying their colors at any time and in any corner of the world from a completely different perspective.

The guide through the digital world of Art Metasy is “Me” – an imperfect beginner in the digital world, a spatial solid that, as the digital community grows, will change its face and will sparkle with the colors of the artists.

For “Me” the most important thing is “You” – unique, colorful, valuable.

And you? What combination of colors are you in the digital world?

Metasy is a future gallery combining material art forms with digital creations