NFT / For Artists


What is NFT?

A Non Fungible Token (NFT) is an indivisible, unique token that provides the ability to prove that its holder has certain rights to a digital asset (this can be either a graphic, an audio file, a pdf file, or any other form of digital file). In other words, the NFT token represents the digital right to use and exploit the work in question in the digital world. Most people perceive NFT in terms of funny pictures on the internet that do not represent any artistic value, however, the phenomenon of NFT is mainly its usefulness in terms of being able to prove ownership of a digital asset and being able to sell it.

What is token?
Token is a unit of digital currency that is tied to a specific blockchain or project on the blockchain. It provides the ability to influence the direction of a particular project.
In the case of Metasy, both art patrons, artists gathered around the project, as well as all those who decide to cooperate with Metasy will receive tokens in the form of an airdrop when the token is released. The number of tokens per person will be determined at a later stage of the project development. Ultimately, we want to approach or even lead to a situation where the community around the project will decide on the direction of its development and further actions taken.

Why join Metasy?
Being a member of the Metasy community can have a number of benefits for an artist. First, artists will have the opportunity to establish themselves in the digital art world at a very early stage. By involving people with experience in running cryptocurrency and art projects, it will be possible to avoid the mistakes of those inexperienced in the digital world. In addition,
through Metasy, the works of individual artists will reach a wider audience, where outside the world of “traditional art” those who invest primarily in digital works will have contact with them. Moreover, it should be added that due to changing trends, more and more interactions are moving to the digital world, more and more business and social meetings are taking place through online communication tools or even already in Metavers. This also translates into a desire to interact with art in this world. And it is Metasy that is supposed to be the link between the world of traditional and digital art.

What will happen to my work?
Your online works will be safe, located on a decentralized file server (IFPS), from where they cannot be removed as long as this technology exists. It is YOU who decides which works you want to digitize and publish, and it will be permanently recorded that YOU are the author of the work.

Do we sign a contract?
Every artist who cooperates with us signs a contract with Metasy, defining the fields of exploitation of the work in the digital world. We want our collaboration to be based on long-term cooperation and trust, which is why we attach such an important role to intellectual property rights and copyrights.

What do you need from me? What kind of work file should I send (format, size).
When it comes to file formats and resolution, this is up to the artist. From the point of view of tokenization, the higher the quality and resolution of the file, the better it will look in the digital world. In the case of graphics, the RAF format is preferred, or any other format that allows generating .jpg files.