NFT / For Investors


Why invest in digital art?
The answer is simple, because it is a very dynamic market that will continue to grow due to the transfer of more and more activities and actions to the digital world. Using the statistics of the market, it is worth mentioning that in 2021 the turnover (value of transactions) a NFT market amounted to USD 17.7 billion, which was an increase of +21 350% compared to 2020!!!

This market saw 27,414,477 trades in 2021 alone, an increase of 1,836%.

It should also be pointed out that Metasy will promote and acquire the works of artists who can be classified as “fine art” i.e. we are betting on those people who already have a reputation and brand in the artistic world. Of course we are not closing our eyes to young, undiscovered artists as they can potentially contribute to achieving above-average rate of return from the purchased works.
It should also be remembered that there are artists who choose to destroy or donate the physical painting to a museum, and by creating NFT tokens from it, only the painting remains in business. It can also be expected that an increasing number of works by contemporary artists will be created exclusively in digital form, hence the only and natural way to dispose of them will be through trading in NFT tokens.

How / How much can I earn on it?

As indicated above, the NFT token market is very immediate and operates 24/7. With blockchain technology growing in popularity and entering the mainstream, the number of transactions and their value should increase. Based on 2021 data alone, the total profits of NFT token sellers amounted to USD 5.4 billion, while more than USD 16.5 billion of “new” capital flowed into this market. There are known cases of achieving a 1000-fold increase in the value of NFT tokens, but such cases concern those projects, those NFT tokens, which were purchased right after their creation (minting) and over the course of weeks and months gained in value. At Metasy, we also intend to mint the first NFT tokens of individual artists, so that when buying them from our collections, the potential buyer is "exposed" to the “risk” of potentially higher profits if the collection finds recognition in the market.

How do I buy a token?
Buying an NFT token is very easy, the most popular place where digital art is available is where nearly 90% of all marketplace transactions occur. In the initial phase of development of the Metasy project, our collections will be available for purchase on this or similar marketplaces. Information about where to sell our art will be available on our website and social media.
To answer the question on how to buy tokens, you should use your cryptocurrency wallet, log in to the appropriate “store” and make a purchase or participate in an auction. It is necessary that there are funds on the wallet for which you can make transactions.

Is it a safe purchase?
The blockchain technology, or the entire technical aspect behind NFT art is safe and transparent. Nevertheless, just like in the world of traditional art trading, there may be people who will be dishonest and try to cheat the other side of the transaction. In order not to be cheated, you should, just like when buying products on the Internet, first of all verify the addresses of the websites where you make purchases, protect your passwords to log into your computer and wallet with which you make purchases and, most importantly, do not save your passwords on digital media (files on your computer, photos, printscreens), because if your computer or smartphone is infected, the funds may be stolen from it. Interaction with blockchain technology and NFT tokens is safe as long as we follow the basic safety rules.